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Helping Children with Low Self-Esteem & Ruby and the Rubbish Bin Set

( Κωδικός: 0025157 )
Συγγραφέας : Margot Sunderland Nicky Armstrong
ISBN : 0863884660


Helping Children with Low Self-esteem

A guidebook to help children who:

Don't like themselves or feel there is something fundamentally wrong with them
have been deeply shamed
have received too much criticism or haven't been encouraged enough
let people treat them badly because they feel they don't deserve better
do not accept praise or appreciation because they feel they don't deserve it
feel defeated by life, fundamentally unimportant, unwanted or unlovable
bully because they think they are worthless or think they are worthless because they are bullied
feel they don't belong or do not seek friends because they think no-one would want to be their friend.

Ruby and the Rubbish Bin

A story for children with low self-esteem.

Ruby hates herself so much that she often feels more like a piece of rubbish than a little girl. Sometimes Ruby feels so miserable that she wants to sleep and sleep and never wake up again. Then Ruby meets Dot and, over time, Dot helps Ruby to move from self-hate to self-respect. After a very important dream, and help from Dot, Ruby finds her voice and her anger, and stands up to the bullies. She makes new friends and knows what it's like to feel happy for the first time in her life.