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( Κωδικός: Alert Program: Leaders Guide )
Για ηλικίες: Early Years, 5-8 Years, 8-12 Years, 12-15 Years, 15-18 Years, 18+ Years
Συγγραφέας : Mary Sue Williams & Sherry Shellenberger
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The Leader’s Guide contains the complete program. It explains the theory along with step-by-step instructions and activities. It was written for therapists to teach children how to identify and change how alert they feel. Many therapists, teachers and parents have taught themselves how to do the program, just by reading the Leader’s Guide book.

This is an essential resource for those working with children who have attention problems and/or learning difficulties.

The program consists of a series of lessons and activities, that when incorporated with sensory processing techniques, has proven to be highly effective. Though initially designed for children ages eight to twelve, the program has been adapted successfully for preschool through high school students and for adults.

This comprehensive book is a gold mine of information for use in school, clinic, or home settings. It will provide everything you need to implement the program with confidence, including:

  • Overview of the underlying theory and concepts of sensory integration and self-regulation.
  • Unique methods to teach other adults (teachers, parents, etc.) who support the Alert Program® students.
  • Twelve detailed steps to teach independent self-regulation.
  • Over 20 practical, low budget activity ideas.
  • Personal clinical stories that clearly illustrate the program.
  • All worksheets, charts, and pictures needed for the program (permission to photocopy included).

The Leader’s Guide is intended for individuals who are familiar with sensory processing techniques. Those who are unfamiliar with this theory can implement the program with consultation from an occupational therapist or other professional trained in sensory processing. All will find the Introductory Booklet, CD, and Take Five! useful, whether or not they are familiar with sensory processing theory.

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