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CLIP Worksheets

( Κωδικός: clip )
Συγγραφέας : Eleanor Semel
Elisabeth H Wiig
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Practice a wide range of language skills using reproducible CLIP Worksheets featuring games, fill in the blanks, and picture matching activities that provide plenty of oral and written language practice for students from preschool to 13 years.

CLIP Worksheets give you a variety of activities, from easy, primarily oral activities using pictures, to more difficult activities that incorporate reading and writing skills.

Use CLIP Worksheets for individuals and group work. Provide material for use in interactive classroom activities. Use worksheets as samples of the child's performance for assessments.

Includes reproducible items

Κατάλογος Υποπροιόντων
Κωδικός Περιγραφή Ποσότητα
9780158046501CLIP Morphology Worksheets:Regular and irregular plurals, possessives, words with "en" endings, tense markers, noun-verb agreement, comparatives and superlatives and personal and posessive pronouns
9780158046518CLIP Syntax Worksheets:Simple sentences, transformations (negation, passive voice, questions) and compound and complex sentences
9780158046525CLIP Semantics Worksheets:Labels and actions, object functions, locatives, attributes (quality and quantity), time and sequence
9780158046532CLIP Pragmatics Worksheets:Greetings and goodbyes, calls for attention, requesting permission, asking for information, commenting, direct and indirect requests, protesting, and other sections.