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Discover Your Learning Intelligence

( Κωδικός: 0025901 )



A must-have book to study, learn and revise using various innovative techniques, including mind mapping. Teaching is often delivered in a way that best suits the learning style of those teaching rather than the recipient. This book provides a first step to understanding your own unique and most effective learning strategies.

Includes illustrations on how to use and PowerPoint training tools. Easy to understand, comprehensive and rigorously tested. Includes:

  • How to discover how you learn best
  • The importance of mind mapping - a powerful learning tool
  • How to boost memory.

The author introduces a range of strategies to achieve the goal of becoming a more effective learner, for example STEPS:

  1. Select strategies and tips that appeal to you
  2. Try out each one, ideally a few times
  3. Evaluate their effectiveness (see whether they work)
  4. Practise the ones that work
  5. Savour your success!

Part one of the book deals with understanding that each person is unique and it is important therefore to understand that learner styles will differ, but all are valid. It provides methods to examine and understand personal and emotional strengths and then apply that to identifying study skill strengths. There are activities that identify learning preferences and how to maximise on this discovery.  Clearly understanding yourself is the first step to working out the very best way to work.

How to use the mind-mapping tool to good effect is explored in detail with many examples and clear illustrations.

The second part of the book explores how to apply this new found knowledge and challenges the reader to really examine their attitude to themselves and to learning; how to use this knowledge in a positive way to improve and really enjoy the learning experience. Activities for motivation, attention, creating a suitable learning environment, avoiding distraction and removing stress.

This unique book focuses exclusively on learners and their learning. It includes a range of activities especially designed to empower the learner with knowledge about the variety of ways in which people learn, taking the reader on a positive and rewarding journey of self-discovery.