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A House Full of Emotions

( Κωδικός: 006-5448 )


 Activities for exploring feelings and relationships with children aged 7 to 11. This innovative set of materials helps children to recognise a wide range of feelings within themselves and other people, and to give those feelings a name. However, true social competence is more than simply being able to recognise emotions, so an important aspect of the House is its exploration of behaviour and relationships through 10 animal characters. Using situational pictures, story cards, animal pictures, dominoes, a board game, a 'fan of feelings' and a music CD, the House helps children to differentiate a wide range of emotions, to understand the links between cause and effect in their interactions with other people, to interpret verbal and non-verbal behaviour, and to think in a problem-solving way in a social context. The objective of A House Full of Emotions is to refine children's social interactions so that they feel comfortable together and enjoy each other's company. In this way it will help to promote a peaceful atmosphere, less tension and less disrespectful behaviour. A House Full of Emotions is the product of collaboration between the Centre for Experiential Education and the Relationships` Studio (Belgium).     

  • 63 situational picture cards (11 x 11cm) ; each has a story and questions about the feeling depicted on the back
  • 10 large picture cards featuring animals in stories about different relationships and positive/negative emotions
  • 48 dominoes comprising of 4 sets of 12 cards that can arranged in a story sequence
  • A board game featuring the animals
  • A fan depicting and naming the 21 feelings
  • 2 play houses including 10 animal pictures and 21 emotion pictures
  • CD of emotive music
  • Instruction manual including photocopiable activity sheets
  • Sturdy storage box with carry handle.