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Creative Play & Stories with Babies

( Κωδικός: 002-5372 )
Contents: Approx 224pp, A4, wire-o-bound
Συγγραφέας : Sue Jennings
ISBN : 0863886089


Creative playing is an intrinsic part of attachment relationships and many parents and carers do not have the confidence to engage in active play. This book explains the basic theory behind attachment in a way that is accessible to families and professionals.

As well as covering issues around 'playful pregnancy' and the development of healthy attachment attitudes before the baby is born the book responds to the new goverment initiative concerning 0 - 5 years olds and the importance of curriculum and development.

The book includes:

Simple 'safe massage' for small babies and toddlers
Singing games and courting songs
Storytelling with sounds
Gestures and words
Interactive storytelling
Early projective work with baby cream and finger paint
Physical play through 'the human climbing frame'

Sue Jennings is a pioneer of Dramatherapy and the Playtherapy Method in the UK and abroad. A State Registed dramatherapist who works for the NHS in Somerset, she works as a playtherapist with referred children and is a registed supervisor. Sue has over twenty books in print and she currently works as a trainer, consultant and supervisor in the UK, Italy, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Norway, Switzerland, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. See www.suejennings.com for more details.